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Your customers will love you for this service

Keeping your customers happy – and loyal – isn’t just about delivering a great product or service. To make them fall in love with your brand (and stop them leaving you for a younger, fitter competitor), you need to get personal, be relevant and delight them with something beyond your traditional offering.

How exactly do you sweep a customer off their feet and make your brand irresistible? With a service that gets anything done faster and smarter than they can do it themselves. Meet Hey Jude, the world’s first human-powered digital assistant for busy people. And the spark that every business needs to start that great love story with their customers.

You had me at hello

Hey Jude is a simple, easy-to-use app interface that can be delivered in your brand and customised for your business. It’s manned by a team of human Judes, who use clever tech, customer-rated suppliers and a global database to get things done for members.

Why humans? People are problem-solvers, they’re compassionate and experienced, and have common sense, a sense of humour and they care. What about the tech? With AI learnings we can analyse member requests and data for interests, sentiment, emotion and opinion, and then build a profile which enables us to deliver a more personalised service.

So, whenever your customers want to find information, manage daily tasks, arrange, negotiate or buy any product or service from anywhere in the world, they just need to ask Hey Jude. We speak to them on a personal, one-to-one basis and solve what’s important at that life moment.

Love at first sight 

By offering your customers a service that can anticipate their needs, rather than simply perform a search function, your brand becomes valued, trusted and indispensable. Hey Jude doesn’t only save your customers time, money and effort, but it entrenches your brand in their lives. It makes your brand lovable.

But this romance isn’t one sided; it’s not only about what Hey Jude can do for your customers, it’s also what Hey Jude can do for your business. With rich customer data, you gain deeper insights into the life of each customer, enabling you to ultimately provide a better service. Your business is valued for services beyond your traditional offering, customers become more receptive to your marketing, and you earn a greater share of wallet.

Use Hey Jude to show your customers that you love them – and they will love you back. A smitten customer has an emotional connection to your brand, which could be the beginning of a brand romance that lasts a lifetime.

Chat to us to set up a meeting and see what Hey Jude can do for your customers – and your business. For more information visit, send an email to or phone +27 11 449 7114.