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Hey Jude: Real people, solving real problems

People around the world are in various stages of lockdown living and physical distancing. Even while some restrictions are slowly being lifted, our reliance on all things digital isn’t going to ease in the immediate future. 

Microsoft Teams will still facilitate those meetings with colleagues, Houseparty conversations will be a tolerable replacement for braais with friends, school learning will continue at dining room tables on Google Classroom, and virtual game drives will be a welcome excursion into the great outdoors, from the comfort of the great indoors. 

While there’s no denying the power of technology to impact how we live, work and play, it’s humans who are the creative problem solvers behind the machines, finding neat solutions to any challenge. Where machines have the benefit of speed, processing vast reams of data at a rate humans could never achieve, people think independently and strategically, they question, they have empathy and they can solve your problems.

Am I speaking to a real person? 

We’ve been asked this about our Judes – the people behind the world’s first human-powered digital assistant. Of course they are! And this is the primary reason the service is invaluable to its members. Being human, our Judes understand the value of time and appreciate that busy members would rather be spending that time doing any number of things: being with family, socialising with friends, exercising, making money. But, life doesn’t stand still, and things need to get done. This is where our Judes step up and help members preserve time – and effort. 

Gathering information, scheduling an appointment, doing research, organising an event, searching for a product, comparing prices – while all of these tasks can be frustrating they’re definitely tedious. And when these logistical headaches are delegated to someone you trust will get the job done, it instantly frees up your time and ultimately makes you more efficient – at work and life. 

The Judes behind Hey Jude are the personality behind the service. Not only do they use the latest technology, customer-rated suppliers and a global database to get things done faster and smarter than you can do them yourself, but they also learn from experiences, question to better understand and use creativity to find solutions. Why are our Judes so indispensable to our members? They’re very real people, solving very real problems. 

Interested to see how Hey Jude can help you find, organise, book and negotiate anything to make you more efficient? For more information visit, send an email to or phone +27 11 449 7114.