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Finally, a search that does more

There’s little denying that search engines have had a monumental impact on all our lives. We search for answers and information several times a day, sometimes several times a minute. But isn’t it time search got a little smarter?

Enter Hey Jude, the world’s first human-powered digital assistant for busy people. It’s also the service that will take your search game to the next level.

But what exactly do we mean by more than search? Well, consider this example. You have a meeting planned for next week in an unfamiliar part of town. You ask Jude for directions and get sent a map and an estimated departure time. That’s no different to performing the search yourself, right? Well, Jude will also book your ride and send you the payment prompt.

Or how about this? You’ve just moved into a new home and you’re looking for a cycling class near you. You could spend a considerable amount of timing searching for this information yourself or you could ask Jude. Not only will you get a collated list of available times, dates and costs of several cycling studios close to you, but you can then use Jude to book and pay in-app. And, when your child gets sick the night before your class and you can’t make it, Jude will change your booking and then send you a list of paediatricians and pharmacies in your area.

Hey Jude is search, but it’s also so much more.

The efficient tech that runs in the background will search through vast amounts of data and global suppliers, recognising patterns and delivering relevant and timely results. Then the people – the Judes – bring common sense, curiosity, intuition and creative problem solving to the table. Yes, this human-powered digital assistant can find, organise, book and negotiate things faster and smarter than you can do it yourself but that’s not all. There are Judes around the world, so you get the best of human and digital assistance, with local knowledge, wherever you go.

Just like a dependable friend, Jude gets to learn more about you and can then anticipate your needs and resolve things before you even ask. And that’s the beauty of Hey Jude; you get all the benefits of an efficient AI search but it comes with a human touch. Judes solve those things that are important to you in that life moment, making the service personal, relevant and indispensable to you. The future of search is here, so open the door and say “Hey”!

Interested in seeing how Hey Jude can help you get things done faster and smarter than you can do them yourself? For more information visit, send an email to or phone +27 11 449 7114.