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Employee engagement in the time of Corona

How to build stronger relationships with your employees during the COVID-19 lockdown

The world as we know it has changed. The near global lockdown has forced businesses, almost overnight, to shift their operations from the office to the home. It’s business most unusual for many organisations, as they try to figure out the new rules as they go. 

But, there are always opportunities in a crisis. Businesses that adapt to the office exodus and implement technology to keep employees productive and engaged, will reap the rewards when the lockdown is lifted. 

“For many businesses, this sudden change to workplace routine can be an immense challenge,” says Adrian Zanetti, director at Hey Jude, an innovative human-powered digital assistant. “Not only do you still need remote staff to meet deliverables while facing far more challenges than normal, but it’s also your responsibility to put tools in place that motivate and support staff in these unprecedented conditions.”

As people adjust to this new way of living and working, where they may have to balance being an employee, parent and teacher all in one day, tools that help maintain some normality are crucial. Hey Jude is that service for many businesses and it’s helping them, by helping their staff. 

Hey Jude provides one essential factor that digital assistant services simply don’t have – humans. The service is manned by “Judes”, a team of people who use the very latest technology and a worldwide database to get anything done for members. The Judes are compassionate, knowledgeable and savvy, using the technology available to solve everyday problems for members. But more than that, the Judes are also in lockdown, which means they have an acute understanding of the situation and can relate precisely to how a member is feeling. 

“Virtual yoga classes, online tutor services, activity ideas for kids, links to motivational talks, mindfulness apps, free online cooking classes, digital collaboration tools – whatever our members have requested to help them be more productive at home during lockdown, we have provided. Not only does Hey Jude make life easier for members in these untested times but, by helping businesses look after their most important asset – their people – they stay top of mind and relevant,” explains Zanetti.

Working from home used to be a privilege, it’s now become a necessity. Businesses that use technology to look after employee wellbeing and mental health will strengthen these relationships and benefit from a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. 

“The world, after this virus, will never be the same again,” says Zanetti. “And it’s those businesses with a more loyal and resilient workforce that will best be positioned to thrive when the lockdown is lifted and it’s business unusual.”

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