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What is a PWA and how will it transform the digital world?

What if we said that there’s a hybridised version of an app and a website rolled into one easily accessible and user-friendly digital platform? Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) offer the best of both worlds and Hey Jude is launching its very own PWA in the form of a COVID Care Package.

What is a PWA?

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a website that is developed with techniques that enhance the mobile experience, compared to a typical mobile-optimised site.

PWAs harness the features and capabilities of a mobile application and a website to create quick, reliable and engaging interactions with users. In its intended form, a PWA should be indistinguishable from a typical mobile app, but with the benefit of being multi-platform and deployable without it living on an app store.

How are PWAs relevant in South Africa?

Many South Africans do not have access to Wi-Fi or fibre and cannot afford mobile data, so downloading an app is simply not an option. Users also want instant gratification, so if browsing speeds are slow, they will simply lose patience and navigate to another website.

Since the majority of internet consumption happens on mobile phones, the optimisation of the mobile user experience is essential. PWAs tick this box – and trumping their technological counterparts in some aspects – as they are more accessible to the average user, and offer faster and more reliable browsing experiences.

Not only are PWAs more feasible in providing the best possible user experience from a time and cost point of view (compared to digital native apps), they are also an optimal way of connecting and engaging with customers or employees.

What is the Hey Jude PWA?

Hey Jude has rolled out a PWA version of its award-winning digital platform, catering for the needs of both employee and organisation in the current COVID-19 world.

The COVID Care Package is a six-month programme that comprises a powerful employee value proposition that adds value to the lives of employees and their families, by providing them with vital assistance tools through an easily accessible and user-friendly PWA.

Adopting this cost-effective, short-term solution enables businesses to address the immediate needs of employees and keep them engaged, while also ensuring the business remains relevant and reduces expenditure. The PWA can be fully customised to a business’s unique requirements or integrated into existing systems, platforms or apps through various methods, including API and mobile SDKs.

For more information about integrating The COVID Care Package into your business, visit, send an email to or phone +27 11 449 7114.