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Hey Jude Covid Care Package

PWA Solution

Hey Jude has identified a rapid, cost-effective way to roll out the Hey Jude platform worldwide. The Hey Jude COVID Care Package comprises a powerful employee value proposition that adds value to the lives of employees and their families, by providing them with vital assistance tools through an easily accessible and user-friendly Progressive Web App (PWA).

Why the COVID Care Package?

The COVID Care Package caters for the needs of both organisations and employees facing unprecedented challenges arising from the COVID-19 crisis.

The programme is designed to boost the HR mandate of increasing morale and productivity of employees, bolster talent attraction and retention, and promote company cultures that care for the well-being of employees, beyond the pay cheque.

Adopting this short-term solution enables businesses to address the immediate needs of employees and keep them engaged, while also ensuring the business remains relevant and reduces expenditure.

How it works

  • The Hey Jude COVID Care Package is a six month programme
  • Hey Jude harnesses the power of people and technology to provide businesses with Intelligence Augmentation – a better, smarter and more cost-effective way to engage with employees

What you get


  1. Bespoke Hey Jude digital personal assistant (Progressive Web App)
  2. Grocery coupons:
    1. Dis-Chem and Shoprite Checkers coupons valued up to R5 000 per employee, per month
    1. Airtime discounts
  3. Discounted rates on fibre connectivity products
  4. Financial assistance for employees under financial strain
  5. Access to Hello Teacher – a tutor service for learners in Grade 1 to 12 for all major subjects in the South African syllabus, in all 11 official languages


  • Monthly PowerBI reporting
  • Standard marketing pack
  • Informational web page on the campaign


Hey Jude provides analytic solutions for clients to gain deeper insights into understanding employee behavior. We use Power BI – a programme that transforms company data into rich visuals in a single dashboard – so that you can get a comprehensive perspective on what matters most to your business and its employees.