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The potential of hyper-personalisation in HR

Johannesburg, May 2023 – One of the biggest challenges facing HR professionals today is attracting and retaining top talent.

Enter hyper-personalisation. A strategy that involves tailoring HR processes and strategies to fit each employee’s individual needs, preferences, and characteristics.

“While many HR professionals understand how integral this personal touch is in creating a positive employee experience, gathering the data needed to deliver hyper-personalisation is where the difficulty lies. Unfortunately, many companies are simply ill-equipped when it comes to collecting this data,” says Hey Jude’s Cleonè Bakker.

The Hey Jude App is perfectly positioned to help businesses overcome these obstacles. How? By using data-driven insights and clever technology to help HR professionals gain a better understanding of what makes employees tick.

The app’s data can help identify what motivates employees. This insight allows leaders to make informed decisions about how to incentivise and inspire their workers. Ultimately, enabling them to discard the one-size-fits-all approach that once epitomised HR.

By embracing hyper-personalisation and focusing on individualised approaches to the work environment, HR professionals can create a unique employee value proposition that sets their company apart from competitors.

What’s more, the Hey Jude App provides employees with a digital assistant that can help with day-to-day tasks and personal errands. This helps reduce stress among employees and increases engagement. It also makes employees feel valued, which is integral to improving retention and boosting employee productivity and satisfaction.

“Ultimately hyper-personalisation is quite honestly, the only way forward for HR professionals who are striving to meet the expectations of today’s modern workforce. And Hey Jude is the best tool to help companies get there,” concludes Bakker.

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