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Hey Jude launches game-changing platform to drive digital transformation

The innovative platform from Hey Jude is set to revolutionise customer interactions and optimise business operations

Johannesburg, May 2023 – Artificial Intelligence is disrupting all sectors of the economy – from healthcare to insurance to advertising. While this technology excels at automating tasks, solving complex problems, and even generating written content, it falls short in establishing context, making meaningful connections and creative problem-solving. What’s needed is a focus on beneficial intelligence as opposed to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Hey Jude, an app that helps people get things done, proudly unveils its latest achievement – an advanced platform that brings together the best of AI technology, leveraging ChatGPT, Zendesk and Google integrations, with the human touch, to supercharge user experiences and maximise business efficiencies.

“Digital technology has always played an instrumental role in our offering, and this is why we’ve embraced AI technology. We recognise its immense potential to augment our business operations,” says Natalie Davies, Chief of Operational Efficiency and Strategy Execution at Hey Jude.

“We use AI to quickly, efficiently and consistently handle tasks and when it comes to completing the last mile of a task, we know that nothing and no one does it better than a human agent. We firmly believe that our customised platform represents the future of customer management, and we’re excited to offer this unique, ready-to-go solution to our valued customers,” says Davies.

The platform seamlessly integrates AI-powered tools, such as customer context, fulfilment playbooks, sentiment analysis and automated classification, with human moderation to ensure that every customer interaction receives meticulous care and attention to detail.

Furthermore, the platform offers unparalleled omnichannel capabilities, enabling businesses to engage customers across diverse channels, including social media, email, and WhatsApp. It has a host of customised features and functionalities, such as in-app payments, automated task reminders, and seamless delivery integration. The platform streamlines business operations and, as a result, eliminates pain points for customers and employees.

The platform’s custom supplier tool equips businesses with the ability to showcase preferred suppliers, conduct Google searches based on factors like price, historical usage, and satisfaction ratings, and track supplier responses through automated task nudges. This feature optimises supplier management, ensuring prompt responses and adherence to service level agreements.

In addressing data privacy and security concerns, the Hey Jude platform incorporates data anonymisation and text redaction, safeguarding sensitive user information, and establishing a secure internal communication system for agents, maintaining data privacy without compromise.

“By embracing the power of digital transformation, Hey Jude provides businesses with a unified view of the customer, to effortlessly accelerate and elevate overall customer engagement,” says Davies.