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Six ways Hey Jude can bolster your business

Harnessing the strengths and capabilities of strategic partners is a catalyst for enhanced customer experiences. In a highly competitive business environment, value-aligned partnerships that focus on collective objectives are fundamental to ensuring business success.

Integrating Hey Jude’s human-powered digital assistant platform into your business enables the following benefits:

Increased relevance and market share

Hey Jude is a platform for businesses to offer solutions that make the lives of employees and customers, as well as other partners, in your ecosystem simple. This means that, because your business is valued for initiatives beyond your traditional offering, customers become more receptive to your marketing, and you earn greater relevance and share of market.

Connecting your value chain

The Hey Jude platform enables you to streamline communication between your employees, customers and suppliers. Integrating a single human and AI managed platform that “connects the dots”, allows for organisational silos to be broken down and for better and faster fulfilment of business tasks. 

Improved productivity

Judes get things done quicker than what employees can do themselves. They’re basically an extra pair of hands and brains that enable an employee to focus on work without having to worry about personal tasks. No longer does a team member need to step out just to get their driver’s licence renewed, if their trusty Jude is online and at their service to handle it on their behalf.

Streamlining communication

More people are relying on digital assistance services to cut out time-consuming admin like sourcing suppliers, sourcing information, and booking appointments. But, because Hey Jude is manned by smart people who speak to members on a personal level, they solve what’s important to members in a specific moment. If an executive is running behind schedule for an important business meeting, for instance, one voice note to their Jude is all it takes to inform attendees about the delay or getting the whole thing rearranged.   

Gain deeper insights into your customers

With rich customer data, you gain deeper insights into the life of each customer, enabling you to ultimately provide a better service. Through artificial intelligence, Hey Jude can analyse member requests and data for interests, sentiment, emotion and opinion, and then build individual customer profiles that enables everyone from your salesforce to accounts to offer an even better personalised service. 

Enhanced service offering 

By providing your customers solutions that anticipate their needs – such as in-app payments – as opposed to merely offering voice search capabilities, your business becomes valued, trusted and indispensable. By integrating Hey Jude into your business, not only will your customers save time, money and effort, but an enhanced experience will deepen emotional connections and entrench your brand in their lives.

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