Frequently asked questions

So how much does Hey Jude cost?

£19 per month (that’s all folks!!). This entitles you to use Hey Jude as much as you like anytime, anywhere… and, more importantly for damn near anything. One thing we can say with absolute certainty is that the comprehensive Hey Jude service comes at a smidgen of the cost of hiring a personal assistant. What’s more Hey Jude is on call 24/7, and there’s no need for overtime pay.

How can you do that for the price?

We use a combination of brilliant people, truck-loads of experience and awesome technology. Our people know how to get stuff done, quickly and correctly. We already have a thick volume of ‘Black Book of tried and tested suppliers, and our super-smart technology allows Hey Jude to process information and requests efficiently.

Can I try it before I buy it?

With pleasure. We are so confident that you'll be so enamoured with Hey Jude’s impeccable service that we are wiling to offer three trial requests before you we ask you to subscribe. Is Hey Jude one of these computer bot thingies or is it a real person?Jude is not a dude or a lady…or a thingy. Actually Hey Jude is a tight-knit team of people. The best assistant we ever knew was called Jude - so that's what we decided to call our team of super-agents. They are programmed to get things done quickly and accurately.

Can you really do anything?

As long as it’s legal, not morally reprehensible or completely far fetched, we will certainly give it a try. The key consideration is that Hey Jude promises to always get you an answer - no matter what you have asked us.

When does Hey Jude launch?

Hey Jude is currently a paid-for-service in soft launch. This really means that we are not really promoting the app by way of advertising - but the service is fully operational.

Is it available worldwide?

Hey Jude is initially focusing on three key markets. The UK, South Africa and Australasia are our first launch markets, but we can help you out practically anywhere in the world.

Are there terms and conditions?

There are, and these are aimed at protect both you and me. Click here to read them.

So could I get tickets to see Elvis at the Apollo Theatre this weekend?

Dude, the King has left the building. But we can source tickets for numerous Elvis impersonators competitions if that will suffice as a compromise?