How JUDE works for you

We are the fastest, most affordable virtual assistant service in the United Kingdom. No negotiating, no waiting, just send us your requests and we’ll get to work immediately.


We have human interaction

The Hey Jude platform incorporates the latest in Artificial Intelligence, but our Judes are eating, sleeping (but not on the job), breathing humans.

We get you the best deals

We have over 150 000 vetted suppliers, ensuring you get the best deals.

We have great partners

We have the coolest third party integrations – Uber, AirBnB, Opentable – to name a few.

We make it safe and secure

Our platform offers safe and secure payment methods.

We make it easy

Hey Jude is not just text, but also voice note enabled and so easy to use, anytime, anywhere.

We save you time

Hey Jude does not only save you money and but more importantly time, something money can’t buy.

It’s easy to get started

  • Download the App

    Download the App by visiting the Apple or Google App Store or click here.

  • Sign up

    All we need is your name and e-mail address.

  • Add your card details

    Only now will we request your banking details, but don’t worry we use the same back end as Uber and AirB&B so your information is 100% secure.

Start Saying....

Join up without delay and see what Jude can get you for you today.